It’s a second largest search engine, out there right behind Google but it’s bigger than bigger than Yahoo and ask all” combined absolutely massive ,and YouTube broadcast about one-third of the u.S. Is multimedia entertainment .Which is absolutely huge you know when every single second there’s over 46,000 YouTube videos being viewed all around the world so if you aren’t using video . If you aren’t using specifically YouTube inside your heart you know your business you guys and you’re missing, the boat completely because there’s a difference between a picture a Craigslist add a Twitter or Pinterest post versus seeing them on video .Because if you see someone video you know build a lot more report to build a lot more trust you don’t have to be an expert at the start .

I just don’t have to be great to start you have to start in order to be great, get comfortable with the uncomfortable I just start putting yourself out there you guys . I was starting out I wasn’t perfect in the beginning ,you know I was terrible at it but you know like a year-and-a-half ago so far photo of bricks that your cementing in time and eventually. You know the more videos that you do you know the bigger that your wall is going to get with all those breaks that you’re stacking- .I’ll give you guys an example and I’m going to go so you guys need to do that you know a video that I rent, if I type in the wake of that training and it comes up and you’ll see these two videos right here. Just adds to those ones really don’t qualify because people are paying to get those right on this is what I did actually so if you see this video right here the first one, and I have to do this 10 months ago.

Has over 20 21000 be used at the time that, I did this this keyword wake of that training: was getting a lot of monthly searches on the fact that we coulda went out of business. I would kind of be relevant anymore ” I want to give you guys another example of a little more broad keyword I doing Youtube Money Calculator adsense here going to see a few videos gay a. I’ll give these to her ID so those don’t count to the very first video of this guy’s right here you’ll see it was 7 months ago and it has been over 19,000 because that’s that’s a lot that was, uploaded over a year ago it has closed 2001 1000 3 years ago this video 3 months ago this video 3 years ago.

This video 1 year ago enow the next video down one week ago is my video right here and he already has a hundred fifty-five years now, is get some lunch you guys going to start climbing .Eventually this will be in the top three position the fact, that I did this one week ago and I’m already on the front page alone on his very powerful you guys get this is a pretty competitive keywords that has ,a high amount ?of surgery and how to do email marketing is something that’s pretty hard there.