A house decorated not to go out of fashion

The “caring cook” Tefi Russo, creator of the very successful site of simple recipes Inutilísimas, shows us the port where he moored after twelve moves

He lived in Mallorca, in Moscow, in Bern and in Murcia, where he had his daughter Bianca. When he moved again to Argentina, he found the possibility of building a house in Nordelta. “Although I was not completely convinced of the distance, one thing I was sure of: I wanted to offer my daughter a house with a garden and a dog, something similar to my happy childhood in Beccar.”

The study of architects Ricardo Pereyra Iraola and AVC Construcciones materialized this generous house, full of spaces to take advantage of both inside and outside. “The decor ran on my own. Imagine that, at age 31, I’ve already moved twelve times! So I feel totally empowered to say what works and what does not. ”

For example?

“That it is better to opt for a neutral basis. My house is all white, raw and wood, tones that do not tire. And the same applies to the sheets and towels, all white, to wash at once. “?

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