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WWE has leading and distinguish career when it’s come to release outstanding and superb series of video games. History of WWE games has shown lots of improvements from PS1 games to PS4 games.


It started from 80s, back then there was a long series of pro-wrestling games that have granted WWE fans pleasure to step in the ring to complete with their preferred and beloved superstars, it is impossible to keep count of those games. For Free Download Games for PC users visit FullyPcGames

PlayStation 1:

PS1 was published in 1994 and discontinued in 2005. Its 102.49 billion units sold all over the world. WWF SmackDown was first professional wrestling game series that was published in 2000. PlayStation console was developed by THQ and Yuke’s was developer. In Japan it is also known as Exciting Pro Wrestling 2. Toshihiko Kitazawa was Director and Designer of SmackDown. Story of SmackDown was consisted of two parts, first get started with Pre Season but after several times playing Pre Season, users are allowed to skip that part and move forward.

Although this mode keeps on getting tough and it is extremely difficult for player to move ahead. With progression, it unlocks different parts of selected character to play as unlocked character. Once user has completed Pre Season with its new creation he won’t be able to play Pre-season again. There are several matches in SmackDown like Singles, Hardcore,Tag Team and Steel Cage. List of games on PS1 also includes SmackDown! Know your Rule. Addicting Games

PlayStation 2:

PS2 was released in 2000 and was discontinued in 2012. Its 155 million units sold all over the globe. It was best video game console. In Japan,WWF SmackDown! Just Bring is also knows as Exciting Pro Wrestling 3. It was among professional wrestling games series that was released on PS2. Publisher and developer for PS2 was Yuke’s. In PS2, emergence of six man tag team matches was a major achievement. It also includes Eight-Man battle Royals.

Two finishing moves were introduced in this series. You can also adjust wrestler’s moves in the game. Instead of season mode, which was introduced in PS1, New story mode was introduced in PS2. In this series of games Player got full control over their wrestling activities. While progression, user can play as any superstar by selecting from unlocked list of characters.

List of further games on PS 2 includes WWE SmackDown! Shut your Mouth and WWF SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain.

PlayStation 3:

PS 3 was released in 2006 and was discontinued in 2015. It was released in Japan. Its 80 million units have been sold.WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 was released on ps2 and ps3. There were lots of enhancements as compared to previous games, one of fine enhancement was Tag Team Match. It included ways to tag the player’s team partner which was known as hot tag. It assists you to save the player during the match. This tag can protect player if he is in trouble. Also Forced blind tag, using which illegal partners can tag them in the ring. A prominent feature, fighting styles was removed in PS3. Although, the fighting capabilities was to keep and enhance each wrestler possessing six out of twenty different capabilities that would help out the player in particular areas during match.