London, with its huge global city status, is not as difficult to reach as other destinations. That’s because there are a lot of flights serving the city through its five different airports. Getting in is definitely a breeze. If you will not have problems getting in, getting around is all about more complicated choices. But that is only because there are a lot of transit systems available; it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Travel Tips and Tricks

When traveling to London, you should have a clear principle on what factor comes first. Is it ease in traveling? Is it getting around as locals normally do? Or is it about choosing what transport option is cheapest?

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When in London, you can choose between hiring a taxi or a private vehicle, catching a bus, getting in a minicab, transiting through the rails, cycling through the paths or simply walking. Of course, when making your choice, it is important that you consider the distance you are covering and how soon you need to get there. Those two factors will also help you determine how you will prepare for the travel, including whether or not you need to bring along a sleeping bag with you,

Usually, landing to any of the five major airports in London and transiting to the destinations would be much easier if you hire a taxi cab. If you want to experience mingling with the locals and getting a feel of London living, you might want to get into any of the available coach, bus, and rail. The choice is definitely yours. You can pay for your transit either through an Oyster Travelcard or by paying as you go.

There are etiquettes that are being observed in public transports, especially if you are using the underground tubes. For one, you must not be drunk. You should also look after your belongings because pickpockets might see you as a prospective victim for another, there are safety tips that you must heed to make your travel a pleasant experience all throughout.

London Experience

No matter how you want to scale through the destinations in London, what’s important is that you are able to cover the sights and sounds that will help you understand how London got its global city status.

The first thing to look for is the location of the Westminster Abbey where the Buckingham palace is also located. There is probably no one in this earth that is not as excited to see where Queen Elizabeth and her Royal Family dwells or where the seat of the UK parliament is. Other than the Palace of the Westminster, there are also other exciting sights to see when in London, which includes the London Eye, the Trafalgar Square, the Tower Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral among others.