Have you ever wondered why your internet connection is too slow? Have you ever wondered how your friend that has the same internet connection is using the internet faster than you do? Well, if the answer’s yes then I have a list of things that you need to check. There are many things that you can alter to make sure that the internet speed that you’re getting is changed for the better. Let us have a look at what I’m pointing towards and what I’m talking about. Let us see what they are below:

Internet Speed Test

Before you begin to do anything, an internet connection speed test is very important to conduct. The internet speed test diagnoses your internet connection completely to get you the answers that you’ve been looking for. PTCL Speed Test and many other similar tests are ones that you can easily find online and use to check your internet connection.

Background Updates

Have you ever opened one of your favorite applications one day and found it to be magically updated to the latest one? Of course you have and that is something you’ve never found the answer to. Well, they are currently getting updated in the background! That’s right, your apps suck on to your internet speed and get you slower browsing speeds in order to download new updates. Turning them off can be of great help to your internet connection.

Faulty Modem

A Faulty modem or Router is known to be the reason for a bad internet connection most of the times. The device receives excellent internet speed and bandwidth from the ISP but never gets you that speed on the computer or your device due to a hardware fault internally. Replacing the router can get you an excellent change in speed that would be higher than your expectations.

These are some of the things that you can change to make sure your internet connection is working perfectly fine.Tweak other system settings in the network connections to get the best results needed.