We are half way through the second decade of the21stcentury; we accomplished above our expectations in science, information & technology. Here we are, with everything automated and it’s getting better day by day. The World Wide Web is now faster and bigger than ever. As of 2016, there are approximately 2 billion smartphone users;Internet usage has completely shifted to mobile devices that include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Ipads. Out of those 2 billion users, around 1.5 billion have active internet connections on their smartphones or tablets, and they spend most of their internet data in using social media apps as surveyed by Google.

As we all know that facebook app and facebook messengers have dominated the Android and iPhone world since its inception. There are around 1 billion Facebook Messenger users, and 1.3 billion are using Facebook app on their smartphones. We have compiled a list of top social media apps with the most number of active users worldwide.

Yik Yak is a China-based social media application that is quite popular among kids and teenagers. It uses your location to find new friends, valuable information of your geographical location, and lots of bonuses for active users. YIK YAK has around 122,000,000 active users.

Whisper is another unique social media sharing application used for secret sharing and confessions. 80 percent of its users are aged between 14-22. There is a lot of activity at Whisper; it also serves as a dating app. Teenagers love to use it for finding their soulmates, confessing and sharing their feelings. It has around 150 million active users.

Tumblr is another social sharing app for smartphones available for both Android and IOS users; it is more like a blog sharing website where users create their friend circles and share what they want to be called ‘tumblogs.’ Tumblogs can be text files, audios, videos, or images of any kind. Tumblr is the kind of social media where most of social media service provider companies like Venerate digital use for it for article posting, because it has high authority in google. Many people use Tumblr for ranking there websites on Google. It is an awesome platform.

Instagram is another pioneer in social media world; it allows users to connect with their friends through Facebook and post short videos and pictures instantly through Instagram camera app. A good thing about Instagram is its countless and daily updated filters. Instagram is used actively by 500 million people at least once in a week.

WhatsApp is the next big thing after Facebook and Twitter; it has every feature a social sharing app must have. You can send texts, share videos, pictures, documents, upload status, and make secret groups of your friends’ circle. WhatsApp can only be used on a smartphone; it synchronizes your offline phonebook and invites your friends on your behalf that are not using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an addictive social sharing application; it is now a property of Facebook Inc. and is free for all. According to Statista, average active users of WhatsApp elevated from 200 million in 2013 to 1 billion in 2016.

Twitter, made for fun is now one of the most popular micro blogging application among serious people. From the president of United States of America to an Afghani reporter sending news from Kandahar, everyone is addicted to posting a 140-character long message. Sometimes, Twitter serves as the best time killer application with hundreds of thousands of tweets relating to everything.

Facebook is still the best social media sharing app on planet earth. It has the largest number of users in the world; Facebook Messenger is the biggest online messenger in the world. The annual revenue of Facebook reached $12 billion in 2016 with a quarter remaining. Almost 90 percent of the internet users are using Facebook; it has around 1.7 billion active users, 1.3 billion of them are also using Facebook on their smartphones.