Along with white gold, yellow gold is the most popular choice of metal when it comes to engagement rings. And you can see why: Yellow gold is elegant and durable.

The highest possible carat gold is 24 carat, but as pure gold is too soft to make jewelry, one has to alloy the gold with various other metals such as copper, silver and zinc. Carat thus expresses how much gold is in the jewelry. That is 14 karat is 14 parts gold to 10 parts other metals, or approx. 58% gold.

There is a lot to think about when buying engagement rings. If you have already decided on your yellow gold as the metal, you are already far in the decision process, But there are also other things that you should consider. Should the rings be pure gold or be combined with, for example, white gold? How wide should the rings be? Should a potential women’s ring contain a diamond? Do you want a classic design or should the rings be something more special? What about the ring’s profile? Should it be round, oval or flat?
Petra gems have a wide selection of engagement rings in both 8 and 14 carat gold. It can seem overwhelming to many to be greeted with so many options, but the good news is that we have detailed menu choices, so it is quick and easy to get an overview of what you like. You can search for engagement rings with specific profiles, widths and with/without diamonds. And most importantly, the wide selection increases the chance that you will find exactly the rings that fit you.
We are aware that the choice of engagement rings is an important one, and for this reason we offer a so-called test box free of charge. It gives you the chance to see the rings up close and to measure your sizes with the accompanying finger measurers. In addition our customer service team is standing by on email, chat and phone, ready to answer any questions you might have.
Petragems is a Danish manufacturer of handmade engagement and wedding rings as well as ordinary jewelry. Although the name suggests otherwise, they also produce Vintage engagement rings in diamonds. Petra gems have for some years been working with them for the sale of their products and we have serviced many happy customers.
Engagement rings gold from Petra gems has a very special look and are often recognized being from there. For example, the characteristic rough surface is found on many of their rings. It looks great and gives the rings a really nice look and makes it stand out in the crowd of classic engagement rings. Do you prefer more special rings you should definitely take a closer look at the selection from Randers Solve.

Below you can see a selection of gold rings from Petra gems and get an idea of the great style and high quality at Petra Gems

Read this Patio Heater Buying Guide to learn everything you need to know to purchase the right patio heater for your home or business. Gas and electric are the most common types of patio heaters with gas being the more popular of the two. This page will give you a complete understanding on fuel types, materials, and answer frequently asked questions.
Table of Contents

  • How do Patio Heaters Work
  • Types of Fuel Patio Heaters Use
  • Types of Patio Heaters Determining
  • What Size Patio Heater You Need Reflector Size and Shape
  • Patio Heater Weight Materials
  • What Type of Warranty to Look For How Many BTU’s
  • Do I Need for My Patio Heater
  1. How do Patio Heaters Work
    Tabletop patio heaters are heat sources that are designed for outdoor spaces like a deck, terrace, balcony, or veranda. These heaters provide warmth by converting gas or electricity into heat and directed it towards a desired area. Patio heaters differ from space heaters in that they do not use fans to “push” air in a certain direction. Instead, they utilize what’s called a reflector. The size of the reflector determines how concentrated the heat is directed. (More on this later.) Patio heaters use radiant heat, a type of energy that heats physical objects as opposed to air molecules. As you might guess, this is much more efficient in outdoor areas where wind can easily blow away your precious hot air and leave you out in the cold. Radiant heat is the same way that the sun heats your skin (minus the harmful UV rays). Ever look through night vision goggles? Well what you’re looking at is radiant heat emanating from physical objects. If you’re confused, you can read this article to learn more about radiant heat and infrared technology.
  2. Types of Fuel Patio Heaters Use
    Propane Patio Heater Propane tabletop patio heaters are the most popular type of outdoor heater. You’ve probably seen them on decks at upscale commercial venues. Propane is readily available at local hardware stores and convenience locations like 7-Eleven. Propane patio heaters offer several benefits: They are mobile; don’t have to be anchored near an electrical outlet. Have a higher heating capacity than electric patio heaters. Do not require professional installation. Simply replace or refill the old propane tank. Most have a dial that you can adjust to crank up the heat. ELECTRIC PATIO HEATERS Electric patio heaters are a modern outdoor heating solution that has fared well in recent years. They use a bulb that is similar to a heat lamp to provide warmth to your outdoor space. Electric patio heaters offer several benefits: Unlike propane and natural gas, electric patio heaters can be used in partially enclosed areas. Produce Zero Emissions meaning they are safe for the environment. The choice for Green Activists! Electric heaters are economical. They cost less to use than propane heaters. There is no need to refill a propane tank. Simply plug and play. Can be plugged in at different locations but must be within distance of a standard 120V outlet. Note: Never use extension cords on patio heaters.

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